What we usually do is put the cart in front of the horse with sex. We have sex and then affirm that we have been intimate. Yet we really want to be intimate and make sex an expression of that intimacy. So when you're ready to get back into intimate relationships, make sure it's with a partner you're engaged to. In addition to this, make sure you have done enough restoration work to be fragile and present with your partner. There are many mindfulness activities and practices. If you want to increase connection and intimacy throughout sex, I suggest that you research and practice mindfulness for sexual and non-sexual activities with your partner. This practice in conjunction with individual and group therapy with specialists in sexual addiction is a definitive way to maintain healthy sex in recovery.

My kisses are very fiery and my caresses will make you vibrate

Now, the neural network is activated by electrical-chemical impulses generated in the brain. This information-laden flow, which runs from one end of the restless system to the other, is intelligent energy and travels from one cell to the other at a very, very high speed. This intelligent energy is manifested in the brain, by neurotransmitters.

Brotherly love is not only found in families, we also find it in a convent or religious groups. They are not only called brothers among themselves because they have the same spiritual father, but because of the friction and close coexistence to which they are subjected.

sadomasochistic grandparents

This story perfectly illustrates one of the greatest errors in which the disciple tends to fall in his spiritual search, consisting of losing himself in sublime ideals that distance him from the present reality and consequently from its achievement.

A gift for your senses

The woman lies on the bed supporting her back and head with auxiliary pillows. She brings her knees to her chest and crosses her legs when her lover penetrates her from a kneeling position. Ample comfort surrounds this sometimes intense maneuver.

You and your ex know what you want out of the relationship. They have sat chatting with each other at length. Habits are known, that makes them the same and different in unison. Disagreeing does not mean arguing or fighting, it means that they are different, but they have exactly the same way of solving it, and that is essential.

Slowly and gently begin to massage the feet, calves, legs and thighs, buttocks, back, breasts, and more with the goal of making the recipient continue to relax and for the distributor. Yoni. You can also add a small amount of lubricant or quality oil to spread on the mound of the yoni. Use just enough so that it seeps under the outer lips and lubricates the entire exterior of the yoni. (There are many online stores that carry high-quality vaginal lubrication)

You: of course, I understand it, it comes from unknown

We live too watchful of the clock. Time runs us over. We value minutes as if they were gold. Always and in all circumstances there is a meeting to attend, some children to take to school, a bus about to leave, a train that is late … The city imposes its rhythm on us and, as we try to continue it, we lose sight of too simple what really matters: the quality of that time. In this way, we postpone small or great pleasures for when we have enough temporary space to be able to enjoy them. It happens to us with many things, also with sex. Why put us now, we usually say, if in ten minutes I have to rush to the office, the newsroom, the workshop or the factory? Better to leave the dust for when we can enjoy it slowly, calmly, giving the best of ourselves. That we usually tell ourselves on more than one occasion.

When we adopt the status of victim we can really repel the man who attracts us and the same goes for the lack of security. No matter how harsh the circumstances you are going through, never under any circumstances let him feel sorry for you, because then he will never see you again as an object of desire. Desire is the opposite of falling in love, they are incompatible, hence before expressing your anguish openly, think about it a couple of times.

In this first call you have to be really awake and show that you have a very interesting life, telling certain good stories, which can be invented but if they are good and true even better, I also recommend using absurd humor, imaginative humor, and also dominant humor , and you will see how you are going to have a successful first date.

Reproduction and abortion

I have 2 bowls of water next to the bed: one with warm water and one with ice cubes. I put a glass dildo in each bowl and after introducing the hot one into her pussy and playing with her G-spot, I quickly switch to the cold.

Certain of these responses are cold and also indifferent. Certain are absolutely self-absorbed. Some indicate that I have serious psychological problems. The bottom line is that if you don't feel like you're involved with someone who is equally interested in a relationship with you, then you probably aren't. Either confront the other person and ask for an immediate change in their behavior or abandon this relationship and find someone healthy who truly loves it.

Cravings. Experimentation and discovery is a vital process in each person and in each couple and something that is learned from each couple, like something that is learned from each post that Don Miguel de Cervantes affirmed.