Who is primarily responsible for family chores (cooking, washing dishes, washing clothes, taking care of children, keeping the house in order and cleaning, shopping, gardening, etc.)? How do you want these tasks to be assigned? I remember the case of a woman who came to a workshop. She was pretty, but her face was dull, lifeless. His features were hard from the daily struggle at work. I remember that there was an issue that particularly caught his attention, and he assisted him in removing some of his armor.

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That muscle is the one that contracts to voluntarily cut back the flow of urine

People who have excessive sexual behaviors do so for a long enough period of time to be considered a problem. There is no doubt that Mr. Pérez with his more than 30 years embarked on that double life or Anuska who from the age of 15 was practically looking for someone to be with every day, presented this way of spending time.

The codependent knows that he is wrong, suffers, considers that hopefully everything that happens to him would be a nightmare to wake up; However, he cannot and is not able to change, because he is sick with addiction.

These sensations can be made richer if your partner uses one of his hands to caress your breasts, your belly and, of course, your clitoris. The stimulation of it, added to the excitement that the swing of his penis in your vagina produces in you, will make it possible for you to achieve orgasm in a not too difficult way.


Partnersexuality. That is the new word you must learn if you want to be up to date when it comes to sexuality. Socioexuality is a precise characteristic to be able to enjoy what is known as casual sex or, in English, fuck and go, that is to say: fuck and leave. But… in what way could socioexuality be precisely defined? Intercourse is the star practice of the Model. While we masturbate, we read each other erotic passages or we observe naked bodies, we are unproductive beings, we do not reproduce. For this reason, the coitocentric Model has made of all the practices a warm-up modalities, preparatory for the great final objective: penetration.

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V, The transgression

To ensure the positive result of this nipple stimulation and achieve nipple orgasm with it, it is essential to take into consideration the phase of the menstrual cycle in which the woman is. It must be taken into account that the sensitivity of the nipples increases or reduces depending on the sexual phase in which the woman is. People with these disadvantages tend to have certain Internet sex sites marked as favorites because they enter them regularly, they can spend more than 5 hours per week using the PC for sexual purposes to consume pornography or chat with other surfers who also seek sexual arousal and masturbate.

Over time it will become obvious what is triggering your habits.

At this time, we are at the key point of changing doing for being. There are moments, as we call it, of lucidity, in which we see ourselves clearly in being and everything flows in an incredible way. Other times, our egos associate and command us again to do. We understand that it is a mere procedure and that learning from our day to day will help us fill our process of being, totally based on balance. There are already many situations that change automatically when being invades us exponentially. That feeling is indescribable and fantastic.

We already said it in one of the articles that we have dedicated in this space to foot massages: feet are erogenous territory. An endless number of nerve endings converge in them, which makes them a singularly sensitive organ of our body. And in that article we talked about, we pointed out how the defenders of reflexology and reflexotherapy maintain that each organ of our body is reflected in a certain point of the foot.

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