Do passive neck stretch on both sides of the neck; For your part, rotate the head of the model person and rest the cheek on the palm of the masseuse. With the other hand, move your fist over the sternocleidomastoid.

This programming applies only to those who with their infidelity affected energetic bodies between third parties, it is done only once with regret and I wish in love that those people are free from those knots.

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At the beginning of the relationship, the narcissist always and in all circumstances seems to care about you. But you have already seen at the point of cognitive empathy, that it is not emotion that it shows but it listens to you and you seem attentive because what it does is collect information about you, and then use it to be able to manipulate you.

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Since this is precisely the biggest barrier we face when we become competitive men when it comes to attracting the opposite sex. Something absurd if you think about it, while in the case of man the ability to attract is simply one more ability that some have learned to master more than others eminently due to the environment in which they have developed.

Because as much as it seemed, we did NOT want to be different. We wanted to belong to a tribe, to a team, and therefore we wore their badges. We wanted to be accepted by a social group with which we identified ourselves and the uniform served us to show our belonging to that group.

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Answer: A basic fact of many men is to think that they are machines that will always work 10 points: they can always, at all times, and with any woman even if they do not like it. We think that in these 3 cases non-conscious fantasies that cause the loss of erection may be working. Certain of these fantasies, in addition to the castrating ones we mentioned above, may be that of contracting an infection or of getting his partner pregnant (when this is something feared and unwanted), and this may be the case of Ezequiel, to whom we advise as a primary measure a consultation and advice on contraception.

Practice open communication with your spouse

If you consider that to make a good impression it is essential to speak fluently and articulate, you are wrong. Research shows that when you meet someone and strike up a conversation, be it a job interview or a loving date, you affect the other person in three ways: 1) body language, 2) tone of voice, and 3) words. The surprising thing about these studies is that your words impress the other person only 7 percent, while your tone of voice does 38 percent and your anatomical language influences 55 percent! Your non-verbal language encompasses 93 percent of the message you send out. That is, your way of dressing, the attitude with which you address yourself, the posture of your body….

The basis of all this fear is one and it is: Wanting to be approved by others … yes, by the rest. Because we want them to love us, to love us, to hire us, to admit us to their groups… and what happens when you feel this fear? Well, you approach with anxiety, you lose your identity and you begin to behave, chat, dress, act and even think like someone with a better reputation (we are going to transform yourself into a facade of someone you are not) and all that due the fear of being rejected, which prevents you from making decisions for yourself, making wise choices and feeling completely free showing your personality.

All this gave rise to a stage in history that would become known as the 'era of the social tyrant' in which its highest representatives would be the gossipers, marujas and gossips. They developed a fatal weapon that would become famous as the