And being aware of this is the only way to end the seduction syndrome that is gradually more widespread, when seduction ceases to be an object of personal pleasure to become an object of pleasure shared with a person who you consider special. And to say goodbye and close this article that has moved me when I wrote it, I want to give you the first virtual post I wrote, Seduction and Overcoming 2008, so that all of you who have been reading me for a short time, can discover firsthand how It was already before all this, to know the psychology of a person who hits rock bottom and gets up with the purpose of overcoming himself. It is a reading of 184 pages in pdf format that I am sure you will love, thank you and a hug.

Men contract the muscles of the perineum and anal sphincter after urinating to expel the residual drops. These contractions are done multiple times almost unconsciously. Throughout this exercise (which can be done anywhere and at any time, without the danger of attracting attention), the contractions are made consciously and repeated multiple times, feeling these in the penis, scrotum, perineum and rectum.

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Decreases anxiety and has a relaxing effect

Patri is a charming young Venezuelan, of sensual beauty, very seductive. Prudent and educated, she is the ideal company to enjoy intimate moments full of eroticism and complicity. You will discover an excellent lover, who knows how to make you enjoy yourself.

When sex goes well, stable couples caress each other a lot, and they comment that these caresses are the most pleasant sensations in an intimate relationship. And above all caressing each other for a long time and without haste going through all the corners … Sometimes women think that they only use one muscle of the body and if they caress it … it is enough.

The same applies to telephone conversations, avoid talking to women on the phone at all costs, if a salesperson calls you or if you call a technical service and a woman answers, hang up immediately, you do not need to apologize, you do it for a greater good, hold your flower.

From rape to integral sex

From Nikki Bang in recent years. It is impossible to marvel at the shrunken look of Catia, without shine, when the guy ends up in her Aryan countenance, and she remains petrified, outlining a false smile, pressing her lips with her strength so that no drop of semen comes into contact with your taste buds. Catia did not show that predictable tribal strength so characteristic of the wild people of Bavaria and that the porn consumer expected when they read my mother's name on the cover.

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The relevance of the clitoris

I had just come back from taking a walk one Saturday night when I fell exhausted on the bed in my room… I could only meditate on all the pretty and pretty girls that I had just seen. Remembering those groups of men who were not considerably more handsome than surrounded by girls who captured their attention, and remembering those women who shone with their beauty, only made me sink into an even greater sadness … I did not understand why the universe He had provided me with such a shortage of women. What was wrong with me so that I could not conquer or flirt with any …?

The orgy between several couples is very harmful. But with the passing of human evolution, couples are cured by having physical sex in the presence of each other without this meaning that they are going to have indiscriminate sex, since that has been the downfall of humanity.

Feeding the flames

According to traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese ginseng is a yang herb, recommended for a man who needs to increase his yang energy. Symptoms of yang deficiency include muscle weakness, cold hands and feet, and lower back pain. The recommended dose for men is 500 to 1,000 mg, containing 7 percent ginsenosides, 2 to three times a day. It should not be taken too late in the day (it could cause insomnia), nor in men who take drugs to thin the blood or have hypertension.

Not a few clients I heard lament that their wives or girlfriends were too critical of themselves; caring about their body throughout sex, becoming self-watchers and choosing situations where the angle could favor them.

At Kingston Railway Station, outside the city of London, an area has been set up for lovebirds to say goodbye without hindering travelers in a hurry. In this way, couples will be able to kiss vehemently while the train is about to leave.

A touch of illustrative philosophy

My name is Victoria and I am a beautiful young Argentine, full of charm and elegance. I have a sculptural body, drawn with insinuating and tempting curves, that you will not tire of going over and over again. In fear, you will discover a sensual and complacent lover, with whom you can share your most intimate desires and fantasies. The contact of my silk skin will cause you the sweetest and most pleasant sensations … I wait for you.

I am Katerina, a young and natural escort with whom to spend a relaxed time of lust. Put a touch of freshness in your life, I am lively and spontaneous, I like caresses, games and the complicity between the two lovers. I have a beautiful, harmonious body and very soft skin … I will leave you a pleasant memory.