There are cultures that, in a traditional way, have fostered lesbianism or, rather, have included over the years and among their practical customs of a lesbian nature. Before getting married, for example, it is very normal for women belonging to tribes in Botswana, Namibia or Sudan to have relationships with each other before dating men. So do the women of the Kung tribe of the Kalahari desert. They also enjoy a privilege that, viewed from the West, may seem strange to us: that of being able to enjoy, once married, the company of male lovers with whom to continue accumulating sexual experience. In another desert, this time in Sudan, women from the Nuers and Dinka communities can marry each other, something that the women of Benin can also do.

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The first thing I did was find out which page is supposed to be better. My friend Carolina advised me one saying that she had met her ex-boyfriend through that medium, with whom she was dating for a couple of years. One Sunday night I made up my mind and went inside. I completed a questionnaire. Photo, I did not put out of shame. The presentation seemed a bit stupid to me and I left it blank. The box of what you are looking for also gave me a bit of confidence. In short, I had a dirty profile that could well be me, a dog or a serial killer with little desire to work.

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More proof of these false boasts of both sexes are the statistics compiled by psychiatrists, who are attended by legions of women and men who complain that when I want, they do not feel like it or if I ask them, they always put a pretext to chill … or simply, we have not had intimate relationships for 6 months!

Leonardo da Vinci, a homosexual, suffered prosecution when he was about to face the Inquisition. His relationships with his practitioners are well known, especially with Salai. In Florence, when Leonardo was a practitioner of Verrochio, a complaint was filed against him accusing him of pedophilia. His protectors managed to evade public judgment. In any case, Leonardo, rigorously vegetarian and who called the corpse-eating omnivores, although he professed a great interest in the anatomical studies of the human body based on the autopsies of corpses that he carried out, despite the fact that this practice was prohibited, it is believed that he was able to give about thirty corpses with which he drew with great detail and clarity of the organs of the body, he remained single and without children.

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Feeling happiness when seeing the other person enjoy is what encourages all loving contact. The erection is an instant, a culminating point, that cannot be missed and that will be there, it is one completely. The lubrication, and the climaxes are from this all. The whole of sex is the encounter of two. Don't laugh at what I'm going to tell you, but I wish your face were as precious as Angelina Jolie's; her body like Jennifer López's and Cameron Díaz's libido. I take these women as an example, because I want my future wife to have a beautiful face, a good body, and be sexually uninhibited; physically speaking she would be the perfect woman. I am very attracted to young women, perhaps because of my overwhelmed sexual desire, although I am a mature man. The one with the body that drives me the most unhinged is the rear; then the breasts, the legs, the waist, and her hair. Excuse me for telling you all this, but you asked me; I know they are fantasies, it's hard to be so lucky. As for the physical, I would like her to be a frank, passionate, simple, human woman, loyal even in thought, and to have a good humor; others would be saying that he loves children, and that he does not have animals in the house; I am allergic to cats and dogs, although I love these animals. ?

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On the other hand, it should be noted that if looking to support we see that the other person is not receptive, they may not feel comfortable receiving our opinion on the matter. Sensitive communication is chatting from our point of view, without imposing our opinions and without telling absolutely anyone how to do things. While other times it is best to simply perceive and make her feel understood without incorporating solutions.

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Exhibitionism, voyeurism and the exchange of couples are part, to a greater or lesser degree, of this sexual practice that appeared in the 70s in England and that, since then, has been spreading in certain countries. Without going any further, in a very controversial blog at the time, the French art critic and writer Catherine Millet explained how she had participated in certain encounters of this type (with strangers and outdoors) in the outskirts of the Parisian Bois de Bologne or in some squares and sidewalks close to it. In that blog, The Sexual Life of Catherine M., the art specialist that is Millet paints with words a kind of pictures that do not cease to be anything other than magnificent sexual scenes. Among them we can find certain that could fit perfectly in what we know today as dogging.

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