But let's not be alarmed that the low endurance capacity has a solution: There are certain techniques aimed at the progressive recognition of pre-ejaculatory sensations that can assist (always and at all times with the guidance of a sexologist) to prosper the ejaculation time. We must never lose sight of the fact that they come to captivate, to court other couples, to look and to be looked at. The happy planet is the kingdom of fantasy, the place where we can feel attractive and sexy in total freedom. Take advantage of that to stimulate your senses and boost your self-esteem! When it comes to the clitoris, all women like to be stimulated differently. Once, if he is stimulated, he can be impressively sensitive to touch, making him almost unbearable if the man becomes too rough on him. Many men think that incessant licking of the clitoris is enough for each and every woman to climax and this could not be further from the truth. Women require a variety of movements and sacrifices that are not simply licking. Kissing and gently sucking on the clitoris can be incredibly exciting. Lighting can play an essential role in creating the atmosphere. Use well placed lamps in the corners of the room, to serve as an example. You need a certain level of illumination in the sense that you want to be able to see your partner's eyes and face. Sex in the dark can also be magical at times, but the most important thing is to maintain contact with your partner's eyes. Soft, responsive eyes are also an essential tool for staying in the present. It is empowering to test these subtle but vital forces on the body as people begin to feel more secure and genuine. Man feels and looks more like a man, more masculine; As the woman feels and looks more feminine, more feminine. They both look younger, brighter and more relaxed. Having such experiences makes a qualitative difference in our lives with the feeling that we are entering a new relationship entirely.